The 2018 International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners will be held in Brussels in the week of 22 October 2018.

The closed session of the conference will take place on Monday 22 and Tuesday 23 October and is open only to accredited members and observers of the ICDPPC. A detailed agenda is available for registered accredited members and observers in the secure zone of this website.

The public session will take place on 24 and 25 October, in the hemicycle of the European Parliament in Brussels. The public session is open to all – closed session members as well as those from the public and private sector.

Our aim at the public session of this year’s conference is to stimulate a lively and engaging discussion with an international audience on digital ethics, a topic the European Data Protection Supervisor initiated in 2015.

With thought-provoking interventions from all over the world, the conference – speakers, audience and colleagues – will interact, collaborate and explore how moral and legal codes collide with human behaviour and aspiration in an increasingly digitised age.

The list of our speakers is available here.

Interpretation will be available in English, French and Spanish.

21 October
Closed Session - Welcome cocktail
22 October

For ICDPPC accredited members and observers only

Closed session day 1 - Welcome and opening
Governance matters
Future of the Conference, recommendations and scenarios
Networking break
Future of the Conference, the way forward
Lunch break
Ethics and data protection in artificial intelligence
Networking break
Update from the Ibero-American Network
Evening Social event and ICDPPC 2018 Awards ceremony
23 October
Closed session day 2 - Report back and future plans from Working Groups

For ICDPPC accredited members and observers only

ICDPPC Resolutions and Declarations: presentations, discussions and votes
Networking break
ICDPPC Executive Committee elections
Announcement of the 2020 Conference host
Presentation of the 2019 Conference in Tirana, Albania
Closing remarks
Side events
Brussels, European District
Magritte Museum

“An Evening in Brussels” is the theme for this gathering hosted by the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP), in cooperation with the conference organising committee. Attendees will be treated to a delectable sampling of Belgian cuisine, including hot and cold hors d’oeuvres, beers from local breweries, and the country’s world-famous chocolate.

24 October
Security checks and registration
European Parliament
Public Session Day 1 - Welcome coffee
European Parliament
European Parliament - Hemicycle

Welcome by Giovanni Buttarelli, European Data Protection Supervisor

Beyond compliance: Why digital ethics?

Technology designed to serve humankind: where are we coming from and where are we heading?
An overview from a leading tech expert

Our common digital future
How to put humans at the centre of innovation: Perspectives from the EU leadership

Coffee Break
European Parliament - Hemicycle

Keynote address from the founder of the World Wide Web on ethics and the internet

Why ethics and whose ethics
An esteemed philosopher brings an overview of the role of ethics in human society across cultures and times

Learning from other fields
A debate on applied ethics in science, health, engineering and employment


Lunch Break
European Parliament - Hemicycle

Keynotes and debate with technologists, industry, civil society on the winners and losers from data-driven technology 
People, autonomy and self-determination and relationships: Is technology hijacking our brains?
Surveillance and freedom: Are respect and dignity under threat? How can we "go dark" digitally?


European Parliament - Hemicycle

A debate continues on the data economy, the scoring society and surveillance
Are freedom and democracy under threat?
How is technology deployed to discriminate, nudge and control?


Closing keynote from the President of the Court of Justice of the European Union
Justice in the digital age

Gala dinner
25 October
Security checks and registration
European Parliament
Public Session Day 2 - Welcome coffee
European Parliament
European Parliament - Hemicycle

How ethics takes us beyond legal compliance and reinforces enforcement
A debate with privacy commissioners from around the world and experts from industry, civil society and academia.
How is ethics already embedded in data protection law?
How will ethics and data protection law interact?
Who is entitled to speak about digital ethics?
What could be the unintended consequences of a digital ethics?
What role for data protection and privacy commissioners in the governance of ethics?

Coffee Break
European Parliament - Hemicycle

Report from the Creative Room and reaction

A concluding debate on where we go from here.
What could a governance of ethics - in the form of a Digital Nuremberg Code or Hippocratic Oath, for example - look like?
The roles of public regulators, of companies, and of the individual

In conversation with the European Commissioner for Competition
Reflections on digital life and its impact on society

European Parliament
Side events
Brussels, European District

by invitation only

26 October
Discover Belgium
Bruges and Ghent

Guided tours of the beautiful cities of Bruges or Ghent with coach departure from Brussels.

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