With the theme of this year’s conference Debating Ethics: Dignity and Respect in Data Driven Life, our aim is to stimulate a lively and engaging discussion with an international audience on digital ethics that was initiated by the European Data Protection Supervisor in 2015.

With thought provoking and surprising interventions from all over the world, the conference – speakers, audience and colleagues – will interact, collaborate and explore how moral and legal codes collide with human behaviour and aspiration in an increasingly digitised age.

24 October
Part One - This digital life
European Parliament - Hemicycle
  • Welcome to the conference
  • What will be the biggest tech trends over the next 20 years?
  • Opening Keynote
Coffee Break
Part Two - Right versus Wrong
European Parliament - Hemicycle
  • What was ethics? What is it now? Is it evolving?
  • Whose ethics? How are dilemmas resolved?
Lunch Break
Part Three - The Digital Dividend
European Parliament - Hemicycle
  • Who benefits from data driven technology?
  • Is technology hijacking our brains?
  • Are respect and dignity under threat?
  • Are freedom and democracy under threat?
  • How can we "go dark" digitally?
  • Should humans ever be measured, scored, nudged or coerced?
25 October
Part Four - Towards a Digital Ethics
European Parliament - Hemicycle
  • Beyond compliance
  • Who is entitled to speak about digital ethics?
  • What could be the unintended consequences of a digital ethics?
  • What role for data protection and privacy commissioners in the governance of ethics?
Coffee Break
Part Five - Go Slow and Fix Things
European Parliament - Hemicycle
  • What could a Digital Nuremberg Code or Hippocratic Oath look like?
  • Keeping the conversation going
  • Closing Keynote