22 October
Official opening
  • Chairman of the Bulgarian Data Protection Authority
  • Representative of the European Data Protection Supervisor
  • Senior Representatives of the Bulgarian Presidency/ Government
Privacy and Human Dignity: Universal Values in a World Without Borders

Modernised Convention 108 – the new global framework on privacy and data protection

Moderated by Council of Europe

Balancing Between Public Interest and Data Subject’s Rights

Privacy vs. Security, Money Laundering, Copyrights, etc.

Moderated by EY

Lunch break
Smart Solutions for Data Security and Accountability

Moderated by Nymity

Digital Ethics in the Age of Global Communications and Virtual Reality

Moderated by AT&T

23 October
Morning session

Special Guest/ Inspirational Speaker (TBD)

Privacy Protection in the Financial Sector: Fintech Innovations and Traditional Banking

Plenary discussion

Coffee Break
Cyber Security Insurance – Building upon GDPR Compliance

Plenary discussion

Lunch break
“Outsourcing Data ” – Global Data Transfer and Cloud Services

Plenary discussion

24 October
Videoconference link with the public session in Brussels
25 October
Videoconference link with the public session in Brussels