Stanhope, Rue du Commerce 9

Organised by Mozilla


  • Pam Dixon, World Privacy Forum, Founder and Executive Director
  • Malavika Jayaram, Digital Asia Hub, Executive Director
  • Frederike Kaltheuner, Privacy International, Data Exploitation Programme Lead
  • Alan Davidson, Mozilla Corporation, Vice President, Global Policy, Trust and Security
  • Moderator: Owen Bennett, Mozilla 

The US Supreme Court recently released a landmark ruling in Carpenter vs. United States, which held that law enforcement authorities must secure a warrant in order to access citizens’ cell-site location data. The Court’s judgement rested on the understanding that communications metadata can reveal sensitive information about individuals and that citizens had a reasonable expectation of privacy with respect to that metadata.

This panel discussion will seek to unpack what Carpenter says about users’ expectations of privacy in the fully-connected world. It will make this assessment through both a legal and ethical lens, and compare the notion of expectation of privacy in Carpenter to other jurisdictions where data protection legislation is currently debated. Finally, the panel will examine the types of metadata implicated by the Carpenter ruling; how sensitive is that data and what legal standards should be applied given that sensitivity.

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