Palais d'Egmont

Organised by The Public Voice

A broad coalition of civil society organizations under the umbrella of the ""Public Voice Coalition"" have joined together the plan this three part event.  This Public Voice event will review the impacts on AI, from debates on human rights, consumer protection, competition; on how to enforce existing laws in the age of AI; on the relationship between ethics and the law and more. Following the keynote presentation, Panel 1 will review AI's impacts on established legal frameworks, from human rights, consumer protection, & competition. Panel 2 will cover the relationship of ethics and the law in the realm of AI, honing in on ways to successfully supplement ethical obligations with legal ones, the ethical risks of AI, and emerging ethical principles.

Keynote 14:30-15:00, Panel 1 15:00-16:15, Panel 2 16:15-17:30