Belvue, Place des Palais 7

Organised by Nymity


  • Paul Breitbarth, Nymity Director of Strategic Research & Regulator Outreach
  • Jennifer Stoddart, Nymity, Former Privacy Commissioner of Canada and Regulator Advisor
  • Chris Docksey, EDPS, Honorary Director-General

For many organisations, the GDPR was viewed as a project, with an end date of May 25, 2018.  In reality, this is the start date in which organisations must now be able to demonstrate an ongoing capacity to comply. During the 40th International Conference, Nymity is concluding three years of research into demonstrating compliance with data protection laws from across the globe. The panel discussion will address the work done and discuss an accountability approach to move from a privacy project, to reach compliance, to a privacy program, to be able to demonstrate ongoing compliance. In this session, we will focus on why an accountability approach is the most pragmatic, scalable, and proven method for supporting compliance with multiple laws and how this approach to multi-jurisdictional compliance works in both theory and practice. We will address the benefits of the methodology for both companies and data protection authorities.

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