The Hotel, Boulevard de Waterloo 38

Organised by Mozilla


  • Katharina Borchert, Mozilla Chief Innovation Officer
  • Catherine Armitage, World Federation of Advertisers, Head of Digital Policy
  • David Gehring, Distributed Media Lab, Co-founder and CEO
  • Matt Rogerson, The Guardian, Head of Public Policy
  • Raegan MacDonald, Mozilla, Head of EU Public Policy

There’s no doubt that advertising is the dominant business model online today - and it has allowed a plethora of platforms, services, and publishers to operate without direct payment from end users. However, there is clearly a crisis of trust among these end users, driving skepticism of advertising, annoyance, and a sharp increase in adoption of content blockers. Ad fraud, adtech centralization, and [bad] practices like cryptojacking and pervasive tracking have made the web a difficult - and even hostile - environment for users and publishers alike. While advertising is not the only contributing factor, it is clear that the status quo is crumbling. This workshop will bring together stakeholders from across the online ecosystem to examine the role that ethics, policy, and legislation (including the GDPR) can play in increasing online trust, improving end user experience, and bolstering sustainable economic models for the web.

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