The Hotel, Boulevard de Waterloo 38

Co-hosted by Information Accountability Foundation  and The Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data, Hong Kong, China


  • Stephen Kai-yi Wong, Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data, Hong Kong China    
  • Martin Abrams, Ex. Director Information Accountability Foundation  
  • Peter Cullen, Executive Strategist, Information Accountability Foundation    
  • Andrea Jelinek, Chair, EU Data Protection Board    
  • Lynn Goldstein, Senior Strategist, Information Accountability Foundation    
  • Gracie Ng, Associate Director , ICT Cluster and Smart City Platform, Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation    
  • Geoff Brown, Associated General Counsel, Microsoft    
  • Lauren Reid, Director, Privacy and Data Governance, Sidewalk Labs    
  • Pam Dixon, President, World Privacy Forum    
  • Eric Tse, Assistant Privacy Commissioner, Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data, Hong Kong China    

An ethical ecosystem of personal data requires core values of ethics be built into the project development, assessment and oversight processes.  Stephen Kai-yi Wong, the Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data, Hong Kong, China, opened last year’s International Conference by saying that digital economies require privacy accountability and data governance.  Working with the Hong Kong business community and the Information Accountability Foundation, the Commissioner has developed a framework for determining when a data use beyond common understanding is fair.  The framework, which is to be introduced at this session, is a means for introducing data ethics into the project development process.  While curated in Hong Kong, the framework links to similar processes in Europe and North America.  At this session, we will introduce the framework, provide examples, and solicit feedback from the international community.