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Toward more benefit to both individuals and enterprises

Organised by the Personal Information Protection Commission, Japan


  • Minako Shimada, Comissioner, PPC Japan
  • Isabelle Falque-Pierrotin, Chairwoman, CNIL
  • James M. Sullivan, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Services, DoC
  • Steve Wood, Deputy Commissioner, ICO
  • Bojana Bellamy, Centre for Information Policy Leadership, President
  • Clarisse Girot, Senior Research Fellow, Asian Business Law Institute
  • John Miller, Vice President, Global Policy and Law, ITI
  • Naoya Bessho, Senior Executive Director, IT Renmei

Our Personal Information Protection Commission of Japan has decided to host a workshop titled “Data protection in the era of connected world” on 23rd October in Brussels (Belgium), as the side event of the 40th International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners (ICDPPC), which is mainly held there.  Anyone can participate in our side event for free.

Note: Regarding participation in public sessions of the ICDPPC held on 24th and 25th October, an advance registration and entry fee are required.

Through the discussion from a various aspects by excellent leaders of data protection authorities and international experts, this work shop will provide some point of view about the way to protect personal information and utilize it in the situation that there are varieties of system about it in the world.  We look forward to your participation.


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