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Organised by Beijing Normal University



  • Leonardo Cervera Navas, Director of European Data Protection Supervisor 
  • Shenkuo Wu, Law Professor of Beijing Normal University, Senior Consultant of United Nations for Cybersecurity and Cybercrime Issues
  • Stephen Kai-yi Wong, Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data of Hong Kong SAR
  • Zhen Shang, Counsellor & Legal Adviser of Chinese Mission to the EU 
  • Carol Liu, VP Brand & PR of APUS Group 
  • Yingjing Wu, General Counsel of APUS Group 
  • Haiyan Gu, General Counsel of 
  • Lei Wang, Senior Legal Counsel of


China-EU dialogues among authority, academy and IT industry, for deep illustration and analysis on the actual Chinese approach related to the personal data protection under the perspective of global development, as well as for the discussion on the future EU-China multilevel cooperations in this area.