Casper Pedersen

Head of Data Management @ SAS

It has never been easier to create, collect, combine, and share data. But at the same time, these abilities create a new set of risks, including unethical or even illegal use of data, amplification of prejudice, or usage to which the discloser has not given their consent. According to Casper Pedersen, being able to establish digital trust is key to leveraging the value in data about clients and citizens. This entails being transparent about data practices and diligent about ensuring oversight. 

Casper Pedersen is Thought Leader at SAS Institute and a certified Data Protection officer with strong experience in Data Governance, Master Data Management & Personal Data Protection. Casper advises clients all over Europe on how to ensure compliance to all legislation and privacy issues as well as how to ensure good data practices to ensure an ethical approach to analyses on sensitive data.

Casper Pedersen is one of SAS Institute’s foremost European specialists on GDPR compliance in a big data context. He sees the task as a strong opportunity to for organizations to become truly data-driven. Casper can speak on how to become GDPR compliant and provide data transparency, protect the companies’ assets and reputation, and gain business advantages all at the same time.